Month: February 2016

The Science Of A Sound Note

A scientist team has recently announced that they have managed to record the sound of two black holes colliding with each other. The faint chirp happened billion light years away and this acts as the final proof to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Scientists claim that this is first evidence that has been noticed in relation to the gravitation ways. The ripples that happen in space was predicted by Einstein many years ago. This effectively summarises Einstein’s vision of universe as an interlink between space and time. The sound wave that has been captured is a proof about the nature of black holes as well. Black holes are a hole in space where even light cannot escape.

This has given more meaning to the researches, testing and questioning that has been done by Einstein’s imagination on paper. The manifest has been made about the widest and weirdest implications of the way Einstein has imagined the universe.

If these are replicated, the chirp corresponded to that of a middle C note before stopping abruptly. This ranks top along with the other inventions such as the first telegram by Alexander Graham Bell.

Everyone at the Louisiana State University is excited and over the moon about recording this. The scientists hope that they have made Einstein happy.

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