Month: August 2016

The Empowered Filmmaker George Lucas To Create One Billion Dollar Museum


George Lucas, more familiar as the creator of Star Wars, has announced the launch of the museum in Los Angeles. The museum that is worth a billion dollar would be named after Lucas. The museum going to be focused on narrative art is considered to be the most artistic one. It was described to be a new jewel to the city by the mayor of Los Angeles. The organizers have envisioned a beautiful and artistic ideology to the museum. Choosing the venue amongst San Francisco and Los Angeles was quite a difficult one for the designers for both places had several unique attributes.

The location was carefully selected to provide a greater impact to the large community. The museum is now going to be set amidst the California African-American Museum, California Science Center and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The site of the museum is also closer to the University of Southern California and the metro rail portals. There is going to be a great Star Wars display along with the other forms of renowned art. The collection in the museum lays emphasis on the digital and cinema art along with the photography dated back to the 20th century. Lucas’s new movie storyboards will be an integral part too.


The museum is expected to span around 275,000 square feet area that is somewhere around 7 acres of land with a vibrant green environment. The gallery space would be more than 9,300 square meters. The museum will thus gain a prominent position among other leading art galleries across the globe. The curvaceous structure and the parabolic pillars add to the unique designing venture. Ma Yansong from MAD Architects, a Beijing-based architectural enterprise is said to be the mastermind behind the design. The museum is thus intended to stand testimony to the art, legacy, and history of Los Angeles. The grand opening is however scheduled during the year 2020.

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Your Pet Dog Can Really Understand You!

One the common question that Dog owners often ask themselves is whether the Dog can understand what they are saying. Even if the dog does not understand exactly what you are saying, it does get your tone when you are upset with him about some accident he has caused. A new brain imaging that has been done got dogs showed that the dog’s brains provide responses to the words that have been used rather than the tone of the words. This will be a breakthrough in the field of origin of language as well as something to rejoice for all dog lovers.

The basic aspects of speech perception have been proven by this study and it can used as a source for understanding many phenomenons about pets.

Words are often considered as the basic building blocks in any language. Many animals like primates, chickens and dogs make sounds that act similar to that of names. The study has shown that these sounds are exactly like words spoken by human beings. The sound made by dogs could be associated with many words that we speak.

A neuroscientist in the University of Budapest has done the research on how dogs can process human speech. They tested more than 13 family dogs across various breeds to arrive at their study results.

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