Month: January 2019

Silk Screen Printing – T Shirt Printing

Silk Screen Printing – Thank you for visiting our silk screen printing website, here we can help you find a printer who will print anything on virtually anything ! Screen printing is a well tried and tested method of putting logos on things like t-shirts and hats, but this can extended much further. t shirt printing
Corporate Clothing – Whatever run size or product we should be able to come up with some kind of solution, the printers online here have the ability to provide you with band uniforms or work clothes at very reasonable prices, corporate clothing to help set in stone your corporate identity across the board at events and within the workplace. We can help you develop your corporate logo with custom embroidery to your design. Embroidered clothing is not only more hard-wearing than printed logos but it can be more intricate on your design. Embroidered emblems can be put on many products just to point out some of the possibilities embroidered hats can be created or embroidered polo shirts.

Football uniforms can be made in your team colors, you could use logo embroidery or silk screen printing depending on your requirements. Machine embroidery is accurate and neat and is long lasting on your clothes that take wear and tear. Promotional clothing is a bonus for any company as a uniform for an event or as a free give-away. Printing T-shirts is cheaper than most people think. We have specialists in sports clothes especially sailing clothing which have to be more hard-wearing than most sports clothing ,wind, rain and sunshine can take a lot out of your teams clothes, sailing gear can be worn on the water and in the high street. Team jackets help distinguish your staff or team members at events or matches.screen printing It has become a popular tradition with stag and hen weekends to have printed T-shirts, they provide a nice momento to your night and can prove even practical when trying to identify members of your party, these T-shirts can be printed with a design, slogan or photograph of your choice!Please visit this website