Month: April 2019

Did You Have Crooked Teeth As A Child

I really had a messy childhood due to my misaligned teeth. People like teasing when you are a child. Then children you play with you tease you, taunt you to an extent you go into depression when you are in your teen age. This problem was not seen by anyone in my family until the time I reached high school. My face suddenly lacked the smile because I was too scared to give that in public. My mother understood it and took me to an orthodontist to apply braces. He helped me and told me to study the before and after braces pictures before going for it.

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The condition before braces

Teeth are an important part in anyone’s body. They not only help you to smile and greet others but also help you chew your meals properly. If the teeth are not good then the smile is bad.  I did not open my mouth in public before I had braces. The conditions of my teeth was pretty bad, there were gaps, the teeth were uneven, and they were protruded outwards. In short my teeth were ugly which made me look ugly. Thus I opted for braces which were a great choice.

A great choice

If you compare the before and after braces condition then there is a lot of differences you can see. Apart from the changes you will feel in your teeth you will also feel them in a psychological aspect as well. You will be free from all the taunts and harsh comments. I have felt that pain and I know how it can feel for one suffering from the teeth problems. The differences for me in before and after braces conditions are –

People used to taunt me for my protruded teeth but now has stopped. My hard work has paid off and the braces have blessed me with a nice set of teeth and a beautiful smile.

The food used to get stuck in the gap between two teeth. The food stuck not only made the teeth yellow and ugly but actually built up germs which was harmful for my body.

The uneven teeth looked pretty bad and kept me from having the smile, the laugh which I always wanted to have.


The bleeding gums due to the difficulty of flossing has also gone once I studied the before and after braces care information.

Thus, though due to braces I had to face some problems but it was surely paid off later and in a great amount. The problems were also not that big. The only care I had to take was to clean the teeth which was time consuming with braces. The ugliness was only for few months but it gave me a beautiful smile.

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Finding The Best Water Filters Online

When you will be visiting the internet to find out the best water filter, you will surely be bombarded with loads of options. As the water sources are getting more and more contaminated, the need to purify them is getting more emphatic. However, the encouraging fact is that there are some of the wonderful options that can be used by anyone with full confidence. If you are also one of those quality-conscious people who don’t like to compromise over it, then Steripen water filter is the perfect solution for you.

water filtration

Water purification filter with activated charcoal and other filter substrates

Advantages of using filters manufactured by Steripen: There are lots of products that can found for water disinfection, but, there are quite a few qualities that separate Steripen from other. A brief note about those qualities will surely help you to make a better decision about getting Steripen water filter to use in your own house.

– Usage of UV light: Purification speed is something that is quite important to consider before buying a water filter system. As Steripen water filter uses the UV light, so, it offers a great purification speed. Apart from this, you can also enjoy an amazing quality as filtration is done by short-wave ultraviolet which actually destroys the DNA within the bacteria. Also, UV light work with a lamp to create ozone that helps to kill all the bacteria which may be there in water. Surely, it helps you to get the purified water without getting in too much of hassles.

– Perfect size: Size is something that makes Steripen filter more attractive to use. The size of the filter is not more than a flashlight. It is just about perfect for people to take it wherever they want. – Simplicity of use: Another amazing thing that separates Steripen filter from its competitor is the simplicity of use. It means that after filling your bottle with half liter water, you will just have to put the glass end in the water until the light turns green. That’s it; your water is now purified to drink with confidence. You will also be able to purify your water without adding any taste to it. That’s the marvel of UV technology.

– Simple batteries: Usage of simple battery is another amazing thing about this water filter. Also, it is because of the batteries and the portability that you can you use it while away from your home. It is perfect for bottling plant or military use as it is simple, effective and fast as well. pure water - water purification systems

So, these are the terrific benefits which come along with Steripen filter. It surely is wonderful that has taken water filter technology to a whole new level. However, there is couple of things that are not quite amazing about this filter. One this is about the heaviness of the filter which is because of batteries and the other thing is about the inability to purify water more than one liter in one time. However, the benefits are far greater than the concerns which mean that it is a great thing to have, especially if you are looking to go for hiking.