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Politics And The Business Surrounding It

Some of the business practices are destroying the job opportunity for many middle-class Americans. This is something that even Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would agree on. The present climate is extremely not business friendly and is leading to bad consequences. It is ironic that parties that are so different are united by this thought.

The corporate profits have always gone up over the past decade. But it seems to have no impact on the people working in these companies. This is creating significant difference in the morale of the employees. Due to this, people are beginning to take out their frustration on multi-national companies during the campaign.

During the election campaign, the presidential candidates and the current president Obama himself are responding to angry electorate. There has been promise everywhere that the wages would increase. However, this has never happened. If everything happens true to the word, it could create a belief system among the people.

The Treasury Department in the United States have issued regulations stating that many corporations are trying to cut down on the tax. Companies like Pfizer are trying to merge with other counterparts from different countries so that they can change their headquarters and avoid paying tax.

GE has also come into scanner and faced heavy criticism from Sanders because it is shifting jobs to Mexico and shutting down the factories in America. All this is being done just to reduce the amount of tax bill.

Similarly, Ford’s move to invest in Mexico has faced heavy backlash from President Obama when he called it “an absolute disgrace”. The company had announced that they are starting a new facility where they are planning to employ more than 2,800 workers cutting down the number of jobs in United States as a result.

If the merger between the Halliburton and Banker Hughes had gone through, it would have hurt the economy of the United States very badly. Globally, it would have brought down United States among other economies.

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